Monday, 14 May 2012

Mr Personal Development is published for kindle!

Well I am over the MOON! to announce that my first real, as in not a short story and over 60,000 words is now published to Kindle.  You can check it out and by it for a measly $2.99 here. Mr Personal Development

So what is it all about?  Good question.

Set across the UK, Venice and Borneo Mr Personal Development is a fast paced tale with non stop action right from the start. The storyline is action packed and the characters have edgy hard grit dialogue. A thrill to read!
James Skye Has it all. Looks, charm, money and fame that is growing everyday. People love him. He is Mr Personal Development and can fill conference centers with people willing to be told how to live their life.

When James is asked to help one of the most successful CEO's on the planet with a very bad track record in humanitarian, animal and environmental issues all hell breaks loose. James is faced with a life or death decision that will affect him and others.


So sound pretty good?  I hope so.  After writing so many 'how to' books and short stories this really was a fun thing to do and I now know that I love writing fiction.

I hope you enjoy it.


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