Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My big mistake publishing to Kindle and how to avoid it

I'm certainly no big time author (yet) but I have more than a handful of books published on Kindle.  Some sell really well some sell okish.

So you would think I know the Kindle publishing process pretty well by now right?  Well I should.

Should being the word here.

Here is the mistake I made.  All the other books I have on Kindle are short stories, under 10,000 words.  Mr Personal Development is a novella/novel of over 65,000 words.

It was at the time my first 'real' book and I was so excited to actually have it edited and finished.  Well in my haste I went though all the processes of having a cover professionally done, paying someone to edit it and then getting it up on Kindle as soon as possible.  I downloaded it myself, check it and smiled as I thought about all the sales I would get.

And then....

I emailed people to tell them it was live and they could buy it.....

But then......

I read it all the way through and to my astonishment I had uploaded and old non edited version.  Well not fully edited.  So people had purchased my very first fiction book with spelling, grammar and plot errors in it.

Totally unacceptable to say the least!

Grammar being incorrect on a blog post is fine in my eyes (I know the purist out there won't agree but a blog post is a conversation) but in a published book?

Very embarrassing and frankly I was really sorry to all those who had purchased it and probably wondered what the hell was I playing at.

So my tips to you as a self publisher are: -

1. Take your time - patience
2. Have as many of your friends read it for spelling and grammar. Maybe even pay someone to do that.
3. Put it away and re read it again in a month.  Page by page.
4. Once it's published in Kindle check it!  Have a friend read it.
5. Do the above.

Simple list right?  Well yes but if I'd have followed my advice I wouldn't have let thousands of people download an unedited version of my book.


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