Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Why give away the first chapters of your self published kindle book for free

I am a man who eats his own dog food.  That is, I do what I talk about.  Recently I told a friend that a great way to promote your self published kindle book is to give away the first few chapters of your book free.

He asked me, "So can I download one of yours then?"  Cue me changing the subject.  

Luckily I am ugly enough to know when I am being a hypocrite so I spent this morning putting the first 6 chapters of my kindle book; Mr Personal Development into a PDF that you can get here.

Why do this?  Well clearly the idea is that you read the chapters and have to finish the story by purchasing the book.  Does it actually work?

Yes it does.  I have had varying degrees of success with.

Give it a go and see how you get on.  TIP - Put a link to the book in the freebie or they won't know where to go to purchase.

Let me know how you get on.



  1. Great post! This is such a hot-button issue right now! It's harder when u aren't self-published and can't set the price yourself, but I think teasers and free chapters on a blog is a great idea! Thanx for the post! ;)

  2. Hi Liesel,

    Good to hear from you. Yes I think that is one of the benefits of being self published. There are of course pros and cons but that's a pro!

    For me the publishing industry is changing so much. We need to be more open and relaxed about our content. I for one am open to having free chapters flying around the internet.