Mr Personal Development
A new Suspense Thriller

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The world's largest company with a problem.

A vicious London Gangster with money to collect.
A brilliant world renowned CEO with a passion for murder and corruption.
A mysterious and secretive organization simply called 'Signpost" out the change the world.
A beautiful but dangerous spy. 
An ex SAS solider with a serious anger problem.

James Skye is in the the middle of it all!

Book description:

Silken Tech is one of the world's most successful businesses.  They aggressively take over companies, strip them of the 'fat' and roll out the assets into their huge conglomerate.
One of the hottest areas of business for them right now is Palm Oil but the Borneo government is getting cold feet about giving Silken the license to flatten more forest to make way for the largest Palm crop ever.  This is a problem Silken's CEO Red Victor is well aware of.

He hires 'Mr Personal Development' - James Skye to go and sweet talk the Borneo government.  For James it's just a well paid consulting gig.  But as soon as he accepts the job his life spirals out of control and he soon realizes things are not what they seem with Red Victor.
Victor knows things about James that could ruin his life and get people killed.

It's a mad race against time with huge moral decisions for James.  Can he stop Silken Tech before they devastate the Borneo forest before his friends and family are killed?

Monkey Dog and Friends - Children's book

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A really fun lighthearted story perfect for bedtime that kids love!

Monkey Dog wakes up one morning thinking about swinging from trees. But his little nose smells something unusual coming from downstairs. Join him and his monkey friend Charlie as they go to investigate what they think is a Dragon in the Kitchen!
Fall in love with Monkeydog, Charlie, Goldie and Milky

Great for bedtime or anytime!

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